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"Our Town" Gift Card Program


SOLD OUT (Again)!!

Consumers Energy donated $15,000 to fund two rounds of the “Our Town” gift card program.  Thanks to the donation, the Jonesville Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was able to double the amount of gift cards and gift certificates purchased at the two sales.  This means that when you spent $25.00, you got an additional $25.00 for FREE to spend at a participating business in Downtown Jonesville.

With your help, Consumers Energy and the Jonesville DDA invested $30,000 in Downtown businesses!

The sale on December 7th sold out in 20 minutes!!  On December 16th, we sold out in just under two hours!

To all who supported this program to invest in our local economy, THANK YOU!

Participating Businesses

Jilly Beans Too Performance Automotive
Jonesville Bakery Powers Clothing
Jonesville Hardware Ramshackle Brewing Comany
Main Street Pizza Saucy Dog's
My Buddy's Clip Joint Shear Magic
Mystic Tint Subway
Nutrition Xtreme Udderside
Olivia's Chophouse Vintage 720


Frequently Asked Questions

When can I redeem my gift card? And when will it expire?
This depends on the business. We recommend contacting the individual business with any questions about redemption, expiration, and current hours of operation.

My favorite business is not on the list of businesses to choose from. How can I get them involved?
Due to program limitations, only locally-owned businesses and franchises with less than 50 employees located within the DDA District are eligible. If your favorite business in the DDA District is not listed, they may not have registered to participate in the program. You may still purchase gift cards directly through the business.  While there won’t be a $25 incentive you will still be helping to show your support.

How were businesses in the DDA notified of this program?
City staff made phone calls to each eligible business in the DDA District.

Terms of Service

  • Program funds are limited.  Once the $9,000 donation has been expended, no additional gift cards or gift certificates will be sold.
  • The Jonesville Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is only the administrator of the Gift Card/Certificate Incentive Program. Purchasers release the City of Jonesville and the DDA from all liability and responsibility with any United States Postal Service delay and/or failure to deliver gift cards.
  • Gift cards issued under this program carry the same risk that all gift cards have. Specifically, that the merchant issuing the gift card may cease business and not be able to provide the goods or services.
  • After the issuance of the gift card, purchasers should contact the merchant directly with any questions or problems. Purchasers understand and agree that problems associated with a gift card or gift certificate are the sole responsibility of the issuing merchant not the City of Jonesville or the DDA.
  • Purchaser releases the City of Jonesville and the DDA from all liability and responsibility associated with the failure of the issuing merchant to be able to provide the goods or services.
  • No refunds or exchanges will be given.


Cindy Means, Clerk

 City Hall, 116 W. Chicago Street
     (Temporary Location)
 (517) 849-2104

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