Industrial Park

Industrial Park

The Jonesville Industrial Park was developed in 1996, and houses a variety of industrial companies. The vacant lots are owned by the City of Jonesville; purchase and development is negotiated with the Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA).

The cost of land is negotiable, based on capital investment, number of jobs, and types of jobs provided by purchaser, but is normally $5,000 per acre. Lot sizes vary from 3.9 acres to 6.6 acres. Lots may be combined for larger projects. The terrain varies from flat to rolling and hilly. All sites in this 114 acre park are zoned light industrial (I-1). A Phase 1 environmental site assessment has been conducted with no contamination found. The industrial park was previously farm land. Police protection is full-time, 24 hour. Fire protection is volunteer, with a City fire rating of 6. There is no city or county income tax. Commercial property tax for Jonesville is 62.2842 mills.

Electricity is provided by Consumers Energy with 4800 volts/8320 volts WYE 3 phase, looped system to meet customer needs. Natural gas is supplied by Michigan Gas Utilities with a 4-inch main providing 55 lb. of pressure. Sewer is provided with an 10-inch main to a tertiary treatment facility, with total plant capacity of 610,000 gallons per day. Water mains are 12 inch with 50-70 psi. The system has two wells capable of delivering 720,000 gallons per day. Current use is 40% of capacity. Water hardness is 320 mg/l. AT&T is the telephone provider with digital and fiber optic in place. Wireless, high speed, broadband internet is provided by various companies.



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