Department of Public Works

DPW - Department of Public Works

The Department of Public Works is responsible for a wide range of City services.  

Streets and City Facilities

The Department takes care of all road maintenance, including snow removal and street repairs.  The DPW provides routine care and maintenance for all City buildings, parks and sidewalks.  The Department works with private contractors when street resurfacing or reconstruction is necessary, as well as on major facility and building repair and construction.   

Yard Waste and Leaf Collection

The Department of Public Works is responsible for collection of yard waste, including brush.  The Department also conducts the Fall leaf collection.

Yard Waste/Fall Leaf Collection Policy - Click on DPW Documents and Forms in the Quick Links

Water Distribution

The Department staff are responsible for maintaining approximately 19 miles of underground water mains.  Meter readings are also conducted by Department personnel.

The City of Jonesville is committed to providing safe drinking water to all of its residents.  In order to protect the water supply and to meet the requirements of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, the City conducts a cross connection control program.  This program includes inspections of all commercial and industrial properties.  Additional information is included on the Cross Connection Control section of our website.

Lawn Meter Information - Residents MUST purchase a lawn meter in order to receive a break on summer sewer usage (e.g.: watering gardens, filling pools). The cost is $105.00, and meters may be purchased at City Hall. Please call (517)849-2104 or stop at the Hall for more information.

Photo of a lawn meter: (Click on image to enlarge)

Zoning Administrator

The DPW Superintendent serves as the City's Zoning Administrator.  Zoning Permits are required for a variety of projects that you might complete around your home.  These include construction of a garage or storage building, additions to your home, or the construction of a new home.  They also include small projects at businesses like new or replacement signs.  These permits assure that your project will meet all Jonesville Zoning Ordinance requirements.  

Construction often also requires a building permit from the Hillsdale County Building Department.  

Sign permits are also issued by the Zoning Administrator.  Other commercial and industrial projects can require review and approval by the Planning Commission. 

Click on Zoning Documents and Forms in Quick Links for Zoning and Sign Permit forms, as well as Planning Commission application forms.


Charles Crouch, Department of Public Works Superintendent


Charles Crouch, DPW Superintendent/
Zoning Administrator

 Department of Public Works
 (517) 849-9772

Dial 911 for after-hours water emergencies

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