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Master Plan

After several months of work that included a community survey, public input meeting and a joint meeting of the City's development boards, The Planning Commission held a public hearing on the 2019 Edition of the City of Jonesville Master Plan at their January 9th regular meeting.  Following the hearing, the Planning Commission approved a resolution adopting the Master Plan and passed a recommendation to the City Councl for adoption.  On January 16, 2019, the City Council adopted the City of Jonesville 2019 Master Plan.

Economic Development Strategy

On May 8, 2018, the Planning Commission held a special meeting with representatives of City Council, the Downtown Development Authority (DDA), Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA), and Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA). The purpose of the meeting was to discuss development priorities and to develop a shared economic development strategy.  This strategy is intended to describe the shared vision of all of these boards in supporting the future growth and development of the City.  The Economic Development Strategy has been subsequently approved by all of the boards and is incorporated as a part of the revised Master Plan.

Redevelopment Ready Communities

The Redevelopment Ready Communities (RRC) program is sponsored by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) and is available to communities across the state. It is designed to promote effective redevelopment strategies through a set of best practices. In order to engage in the program, interested communities must complete training, a self-evaluation of current practices, and pass a resolution expressing intent to participate in RRC.

The City of Jonesville intends to incorporate RRC best practices in the update of the Master Plan.  This includes reviewing current procedures to assure that they are effective in promoting development and redevelopment in the City.  In addition, the technical assistance provided by the program will increase opportunities to market redevelopment sites and properties in the City.  The City, including several members of the Planning Commission and City Council completed MEDC training in 2017.  A copy of the resolution of intent to participate is included below.

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