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Police Department

The Police Department consists of three full-time officers and three part-time officers providing 24-hour coverage through a 911 enhanced Central Dispatch service. All officers including the Chief answer calls for service. All personnel type their own reports into the computer. Administrative work is shared by the Chief and uniform Sergeant. The Chief handles all electronic crime reporting and receipt of Homeland Security information via secure internet sites. The uniform Sergeant assures all reports meet standards for reporting to state and federal agencies as required by law. The detective Sergeant handles most in depth investigations.

Typical services include the following:

  • Traffic Enforcement- Speed, OUIL, load size restrictions, Crash investigation & reports
  • Traffic Control, Motorist Assistance
  • Sign, Grass, Junk, Zoning Ordinance enforcement
  • Criminal Law enforcement-Local and Sate laws (assaults, fights; larceny or stealing; vandalism & MDOP; Domestic Violence, Threats)
  • Animal complaints- loose or barking dogs; sick wild animals
  • Bad Checks, No Account and Non-Sufficient funds $20.00 or more. Checks to pay for labor, rent, charge account, loan payments, charitable contributions and two party checks are CIVIL and will not be handled by us.
  • Missing persons-Run Away [RAW]
  • Lost & Found property
  • Subpoena & court order service for criminal matters
  • Answer questions; dispute resolution, keep the peace; advise City Manager on Police Department issues; assist Fire Department and ambulance as needed; coordinate/communicate with other agencies-MSP, FIA, etc.

For emergencies, please call 911.  All other calls: (517) 849-2101.

Police Chief, Mike Lance