Sunset View Cemetery

Sunset View Cemetery

The Sunset View Cemetery was the third burial site used by the early settlers of Jonesville.  The first person was buried there in 1831.  The land was later deeded to Fayette Township in 1839.  The remains of those buried in the first two burial sites were then re-interred in the new Cemetery.

The Cemetery has been expanded over time and now occupies approximately 16 acres.  Following incorporation, the City of Jonesville assumed responsibility for ownership and maintenance of the Cemetery in October of 2014.  The Jonesville American Legion Freedom Memorial is located in the Cemetery and is prominently viewed from US-12 / Chicago Street.

The Cemetery is administered through the staff at City Hall.  Lot purchases, interment arrangements and services, placing of monuments and markers, and review of Cemetery records can be arranged by contacting City Hall during regular business hours.

It is the City's goal to maintain Sunset View Cemetery as a beautiful and peaceful resting place for the deceased. The City has established Rules and Regulations to provide the public with a uniform ability to pay respect to those interred, and to preserve the beauty and provide for the orderly development of the Cemetery.  There is also an established Fee Schedule for Cemetery services.  These documents can be viewed on the Documents and Forms section of the website.

View Cemetery maps here.

Anyone interested in receiving updates when Fees or Rules and Regulations are amended may register with the City.  Please contact City Hall at (517) 849-2104 or with your name and mailing address and/or an email address.

Cemetery Committee

The City Council has appointed an advisory Cemetery Committee to make recommendations to City Council on matters related to the professional operation and management of Sunset View Cemetery.  Visit the Cemetery Committee page for more information.

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