Lawn Meter

Lawn Meters

Residents can purchase a lawn meter to receive a deduction of summer sewer usage for water used outdoors (e.g.: watering gardens, filling pools). The cost is $105.00, and meters may be purchased at City Hall. Please call (517)849-2104 or stop at the Hall for more information.




With the installation of radio read water meters throughout the City, the Department of Public Works will no longer be reading meters by walking routes in the City.  In order to obtain a sewer credit for water used through your Lawn Meter from May to September, it is necessary to provide your meter reading by the 30th of each month.  Meter readings can be provided to the City in the following manner:



  1. Submit the reading through the web form below, or
  2. Call City Hall with the reading at (517) 849-2104, or
  3. Email a photo of the meter with the reading to, or
  4. Contact City Hall to receive pre-paid postcards that can be mailed in monthly.







How to Read Your Meter

Submit Your Lawn Meter Reading

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Cindy Means, Clerk/Deputy Treasurer/Recreation Director

 City Hall, 265 E. Chicago Street
 (517) 849-2104

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