Birdhouses on the Jerry Russell Trail

Whether you are just beginning your hunt, or have just wrapped it up, we sincerely hope you find/found them all.  The total number of birdhouses hidden among the trees and plantings along both sides of the trail is:

Hope you were successful!

Thanks for spending time on the Jerry Russell Trail!

A Bounty of Birdhouses

The north end of the Jerry Russell Trail is home to many unique birdhouses which are home to many types of birds. Many of these birdhouses were made and generously donated by Jonesville business owner and resident Mike Fast (1940 - 2018). The effort to display the birdhouses was led by Jonesville resident and Rotarian Ray Leising. 

The many beautiful and unique birdhouses are scattered up and down both sides of the trail. Please walk the trail and look for them to see if you can locate them all!  As more are continuously being added to the trail, visit this website or scan the QR code on the trail sign for the current number of birdhouses along the trail.

Thank You!

Project Sponsor:

Thanks also to:
Mike Fast and his family, Ray and Jim Leising, Dave Betz, Bill Adams and Jonesville Middle School’s Comets in Action classes as well as many other groups around Hillsdale County for their generous contributions to the Jerry Russell Trail.

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